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Heart Chakra Sound Healing

Heart Chakra Crystal Singing Bowl

This heart chakra crystal singing bowl is one of the 12 healing bowls I use to restore balance and harmony during my chakra balancing Reiki & sound healing sessions.  Since the heart chakra serves as the bridge between the physical and the spiritual world, this is the first bowl I use to help clients to awaken and tune in to their heart center.
When our heart chakra is healthy and strong, we feel expansive and infinite with a boundless source of free-flowing love, compassion, and generosity.
When we keep, ourselves stuck in hurt, blame, or resentment, our heart chakra weakens, which disconnects us from our true nature and connection with life.
As we allow ourselves to accept, forgive, set healthy boundaries, and have compassion for ourselves and others, it enables us to establish a healthy balance of giving, sharing, and receiving energy while moving beyond obstacles with grace and ease.
Just as your heart keeps blood moving through your body, you…

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